Established in 2013 by backpackers for backpackers, Easy Pickings is an employment and contracting agency, which supplies labour and management solutions for the agricultural industry in Australia.


Our Mission

In 2013 it became apparent that options for travellers to find work with good conditions, eligible for a visa extension, were few and far between. First hand experience also made it clear that the industry was not receiving quality labour it needed to manage and harvest their crops. We joined the dots.

We are dedicated to training quality fruit pickers, thus optimising earnings for pickers and farmers alike. 

We mainly provide fruit picking work to travellers specifically interested in extending their working holiday visa. Operating primarily in Victoria’s iconic Yarra Valley, about 1hr 30 min drive from Melbourne, we provide backpackers the opportunity to build their 88 days’ farm work while enjoying life in the most liveable city in the world. It is the closest area code to Melbourne CBD recognised as ‘regional’ by the Australian Government to fulfil their visa requirements.